4 Customer Service Skills Every Employee Needs

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As a business owner you will most likely not be interacting with your customers on a regular, compared to your employees. So the way you treat your employees go a long way in determining how your customers get treated too.  

There are certain customer service skills every one of your employees should have, without them, you risk your business creating a poor impression on your customers or losing your customers because of bad customer service.

When hiring your customer service representatives, here are the customer service skills that matter, which your potential customer support personnel should have. They can master these skills too, so they can wow your customer base while interacting with them on a daily.

Listen Always

Any customer support employee should master the ability to truly listen and pay attention to the customer needs. This  goes a long way in ensuring that you provide an exceptional customer service. While it's important to pay attention to each individual customer interactions, it is also crucial to listen to their needs and be mindful of the feedback they give back after an interaction with your brand. Listen carefully to what your customers are saying about your brand or the quality of your services or products, so you can learn from it and improve on your brand.


Dealing with customers who don't have a clear idea of what they want can be a frustrating ordeal. However, patience is always the key when dealing with a disgruntled customer or the ones somewhat dissatisfied with a product or your service. Being patient while interacting with a customer helps you to better understand their problems and needs. When a customer who is frustrated and confused, reaches out to customer support, it is important that the customer representative and to your brand as well that patience is employed while attending to their needs. Be patient enough to take your time to truly figure out what they want and always deliver competent service.


Empathy is a crucial tool in the process of delivering a personalized customer experience. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. The ability of a customer representative to empathize with a customer, to show concern for however they are feeling about a situation at the moment and understanding their perspective, makes the difference. You are able to understand them better, deliver the exact service they require and improve on the quality of your service.

Knowledge of the Product

The best skill your employees should master, is on having a deep knowledge of your products and the services your business offers. Without knowing your product/services at the back of their hands, they wouldn't have adequate information on how to deal with customers if they encounter problems.

Because your customer support team interacts with the customers on a daily basis and is also automatically representing your brand to the customer, they should know the ins and outs of how your product functions, just like a customer who uses it everyday will. It will be real embarrassing and intriguing if a customer finds out an employee doesn't know how a product which they are selling works. The customer wouldn't be confident enough to buy the product or ask any relevant questions they may have. Knowing how your product work should be top of your list when training your customer support team on the job.

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