A Bad Experience With The Young Shall Grow Motors

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Generally, we need to improve on our customer care services in Nigeria. We are mostly disrespectful when it comes to customer care. Many business people don't understand what customer satisfaction means. It's the same reason you will be asking to buy something in a store and the storekeeper will be looking at you like it is not your money you are spending. Below is an article shared by a Facebook friend of mine, Tokunbo Oloyede, on his bad experience with THE YOUNG SHALL GROW Motors in Nigeria:


I made a major error yesterday. I booked my road trip from Abuja to Lagos with THE YOUNG SHALL GROW Motors based on an acquaintances suggestion. 

The bus is a rickety bus. The staff are so cruel and insensitive towards the passengers to the point of shouting at them and almost laying their hands on them. 

I went to ease myself and got back slightly late. The driver started shouting. I softly told him it was wrong the way he was talking to us and treating us. Then he started calling me names and raining abuses (you are an animal, you dey smoke igbo etc)

Am I wrong to think that a customer is king? I remember the GOD IS GOOD Motors experience.

I am currently on this trip and can't wait to get out of it. I believe at this app age our interstate transport services should have transformed.

Kindly avoid using THE YOUNG SHALL GROW Motors and the likes.

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Tokunbo Oloyede

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