Creating A Lasting Impression And Customer Experience

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I recall deciding to get a new phone and try out a mobile store in a new city. I was a bit sceptical about getting what i really wanted. However, as soon as I walked into the store, someone walked up to me and asked how they could be of help and what I wanted. The lady who attended to me was very helpful, smiling all through the conversation and exchanging friendly banters with me occasionally. After she showed me a sample of the product model I wanted, she went on to explain the specifications and offer other product options.

She was helpful throughout the whole process, down to making sure I filled my warranty form correctly to setting up the new phone and the packaging procedure. I was really impressed by her customer service and the customer experience she created for me. The way she made me feel that day, like she was genuinely concerned about me and the product I was purchasing, made me keep going back to them, whenever I need any kind of phone accessories.

The first impression of customer experience you build for your customers decides if they become loyal customers or not. Building a lasting first impression for your customers is about realising that your customers have a choice and then showing genuine appreciation that they chose you.

Feed their Perception

When building customer experience, your customer’s perception of an encounter which they experienced with your brand, forms the basis of a lasting impression they take away with them.  70% of your customers would buy from you based on how they feel they are being treated by your brand. You have to sell an awesome consumer experience to get your customers to buy.

Personalize your Services

Your customers want to feel like they are important, they want to feel valued. When a customer buys from you, to show that you are genuinely grateful that they chose to patronize your brand,you can send a thank you email or personal note. It goes a long way in acting like a follow up approach with your customer and also helps in building a personal relationship with them. It's also a great way to collect good and insightful feedback from the customer.

Be Helpful and Relevant

When a customer walks through your doors, don’t leave them to their own whims, try to find out what they want. Just like in the story I told, as soon as I walked through the doors of the mobile store, someone walked up to me and tried to find out how they could be of help to me. Walk your customers through all the process needed step by step. Be helpful to each customer, show them that you value their time and attention and want to make their customer experience easy for them.

Offer relevant and accurate information about your services or products to them to better inform their buying decisions. You should never leave your customers wondering what next to do or how to do it, to get the product or services they desire. As soon as any customer walks through your doors, attend to them quickly. 

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