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The holidays is upon us, people. We need to up our game more than ever in order to create a memorable impression on your customers as the year end. Your brand needs to end the year on a very good note. With the holiday season gearing up, a lot of businesses are looking to increase holiday sales this year. While this is crucial, ignoring the need to provide exceptional customer service is really detrimental to your business.

The key to having a great holiday sales season is by ensuring a seamless customer service and experience for all your customers. Here are some creative ways to up your customer service game for your loyal customers this holiday season.

Offer A Great Discount

We know every customer especially old customers absolutely love getting discounts. Don’t just offer the “20% off your next order” kinda discount, come on it's the holidays, do better. Why don’t you try the kind of discount that will inspire your customer to come back to shop with you. Instead of just focusing on the price you are discounting, focus on the value your product or service is giving the customers. Something so irresistible that they have no choice but to want to get it, make them feel like they are missing out on good stuff if they don’t grab it instantly.

Also, instead of promoting your products/services with a “Get $ off” which emphasizes getting a gain, use a “Save $” which emphasizes avoiding a loss. Customers can really recognize the difference here.

Personalized Holiday Experience

Offering great customer service is more than just solving your customers’ problems. You need to go the extra mile by creating an amazing experience that reminds your customers why they love your business. While it’s easy to send an email to your customer, sending a personalized holiday card or thank you note to their homes or even a care package creates a positive brand image for you.

Also sending handwritten notes creates a personalized experience to them intertwined with the holiday spirit. You can engage your audience by sending handwritten cards, stickers, t-shirts and tickets to holiday concerts or shows.

A Secret Extra Package

It’s the holidays, who wouldn’t love to be surprised. Surprise your customers by adding an extra something to their purchase as a show of appreciation for doing business with you. You can throw in a candy bar or two, chocolate bars, screen wipes, Christmas decorations. Something to brighten up their day and which they will enjoy using. Allow your brand to become the secret Santa.

A Phone Call

Be genuine about your approach. Call up your customers during the holidays to wish them a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year without trying to sell them something. It shows that you care about them more than just them purchasing your products or services. It also builds customer loyalty for your brand and endears them to your business, creating a human feel to your brand image.

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