Five Needs Of Every Customer

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Every customer has needs, and every business has to satisfy it's consumer needs, as no business can exist without customers. In comparison to basic human needs, there is absolutely nothing more important than meeting your customers’ basic needs. Customer needs are those basic necessities that every person in a customer situation needs.

Here Are The Five Needs Of Every Customer.


Customers expect the services they think are appropriate to the level of purchase they are making. In essence, customer want and demand good, quality customer service from your business to show that they are getting great value for their money or the product or service they are purchasing. You have to ensure you create a memorable customer experience with the customer service you are offering.


Every customer wants to feel they are getting the value of their money. Nobody wants to  travel a long distance for an item that can easily be purchased at a similar price close to them. This makes the component of price even more important to the customer. Customers want to get their products or services at a reasonable price always.


Customers would be interested in buying a product they are assured of its quality. They want to only purchase products that are durable and functional which last for a considerable amount of time until they decide to replace them. A rationale behind the purchase of tested and trusted brands that deliver on quality products and their increasing popularity. This requirement of quality mandates that manufacturers and distributors produce products that live up to the customers’ expectation of quality.


In Nigeria, action speaks the loudest when compared to mere chattering. This is why customers prefer actions to sweet sayings whenever a problem arises. Customers are human beings, not robots or scientifically designed species, they would like to know that they’re important, so that whenever a need or question arises; someone is ready and willing to help them. Customers want an immediate response when they have issues or complaints, they want to feel that their voice on your brand matters.


Saying the little words, ‘thank you’ is extremely important. Everyone wants to be appreciated on a regular  your customers need appreciation too. Words of appreciation can be said in seconds and can serve as a bridge in relationships. Customers need to know that they are appreciated while doing their business. Don’t just assume that they know. There are several ways of showing appreciation that your business can adopt. In addition, letting customers know that your organization is glad that they have chosen to do business with you conveys a positive message. You can send follow up emails, make follow up calls, send little thank you notes, deliver gifts or give discounts on special occasions. Make them feel loved and valued, then they will definitely keep coming back.

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