How To Improve Your Customer Service

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Uyo is littered with food places, restaurants and more restaurants. There are so many places to grab a plate of fufu and afang soup or vegetable rice and dry fish but so little customer service. I have too often been a victim of this poor customer service but one experience shook me hard and awake. 

I wasn't feeling too well and I needed to take my meds which I couldn't do without moulding it into my eba. I headed to a local restaurant in school to get a plate of eba and egusi soup. At the food counter, I greeted the food seller rather weakly and asked to be attended to. She went about her business, attending to other male customers, addressing each one as "Sir" while ignoring me. Then, I grew impatient and got pissed off and demanded to be attended to. I was shocked or even something more when she said that how do I expect her to attend to me if I didn't greet her. 

I was infuriated because I greeted her earlier on and got no response. Also, I don't think that greeting her or not should stop her from attending to me and giving good customer service for food I was paying for. Finally, being female and a student shouldn't be a reason to be disregarded or anything. 

Uyo is a city that has potentials, a city I am passionate about. It's sad to know that this city has little or no customer service. Here's how to improve your relationship with your customers and improve your customer service. 

Be Responsive To Your Customers 

Everyone wants fast service, nobody is patient enough. I wasn't. Your customers want fast service. Immediately a customer walks through your door, focus on them, find out what they want and help out with anything. Even if business is conducted virtually, pay attention to customers, reply emails promptly, and even if the full answer cant be delivered immediately, always email back the same day. Be patient with them, make customers feel like you care enough, more than just the money they are paying for your services. 

Accommodate Your Customers

 Sometimes, a client will show up late to a call or sometimes a customer wont have all the relevant information service-team members need to provide assistance. While its okay and pretty easy to get annoyed, its important to learn how to accommodate customer needs, just like you accommodate a toddler throwing tantrums for ice-cream. Note that every customer or client determines the growth or fall of your business, they represent you and by word of mouth they either say good or bad about your business to other potential customers. Therefore, every customer is a potential brand ambassador, meaning every interaction can be a selling point or a barrier to attracting more business.

Treat Your Staff The Way You Treat Your Customers

The way you relate with your staff is the same way they will relate with the customers. Behaviour breeds behaviour and a positive happy staff will lead to positive happy customers too. Hence, to help change their mindset, treat your staff with respect, value and show concern and they will treat your customers the same way. This will help you improve your customer service.

Say Thank You 

When I go to buy something, I say thank you afterwards and when I am being told thank you after buying something or requesting a service, it leaves a lasting impression on me to come back. Most times, brands and businesses feel like they deserve to be thanked for providing the services and products they offer to the customers. Rather, it takes nothing to say a "Thank you" to a customer who sacrifices money, time and energy to patronize your brand. Thank you has always been the magic word. Use it well. 

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