How To Sell An Experience To Your Customer

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You owe nobody nothing except well, your customers. Your customers are entitled to have expectations about your brand. And your customer's expectations has also changed undoubtedly, over the years.

Let me tell you a little story:

Every morning, I have to leave for work without having breakfast, so as usual I go to get food at a restaurant after I arrive work. I go to get food this morning and the girl who attended to me, asks me as soon as I walked through the door, “how are you doing?” She smiles broadly and asks if I wasn't at work yesterday because I didn't come to eat as usual. (I'm shocked that she noticed).

This is amazing. Her customer service is top notch and exceptional. This is your typical local restaurant but she's always cheerful attending to each customer, and she doesn't make a fuss if she has to look for change. There's so much humanness from her, she makes it easier for me to eat comfortably in public. You don't get to experience such humanness from businesses often around here.

Before I leave, she says thank you and see you tomorrow. She got an awesome day started for me. The food is great by the way and one day I will give her a large tip. She built a memorable experience for me and I can't wait to go back every day. She didn't just sell the food to me, she sold an experience to me too. And a lot of brands don't know about this.

Experience is bought over the product a brand is selling.

Build a relationship with your customers

Building a relationship with your customers makes them feel important/needed. By simply asking how I was doing, the girl at the restaurant is building a relationship with me. Eventually, I'm going to find out her name and she mine, then we become pals. How you communicate and create lasting connections with your customers matters. Selling an experience, building and growing a relationship with them and interacting one-on-one with your customers is key.

Create Value

You need to stay relevant to your customer base. Instead of going on, identifying and talking about the features of your products or how awesome they are. Rather be concerned about selling the experience those particular product features will deliver to your customer. Your customers want value, let your products bring value to them. Instead of selling how your hotels has great packages, sell how your hotel's packages will guarantee the customer a goodnight sleep. Focus on building a customer relationship through the lens of a customer perspective.

Reach Out Often

When a customer buys from your brand, try to reach out to them often with feedback. After a customer buys a product, send a follow up email or a call to find out how well the product they bought is working out for them, if they are enjoying the experience of using your product. This automatically shows that you care more about your customers and their experiences with your products, than just selling your products for money. It also allows you to get positive feedback or negative ones, so you can work better on improving your products and services. A simple question like, “how was the food?, did you enjoy your meal? “ by a restaurant does all the magic. You can also allow your customers to rate their experiences and write reviews online. It builds a positive image for your brand too.

Lastly, how you make your customers feel about your products or services will make them keep coming back for more. 

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