Interesting Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

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The world of marketing is fast changing. While there are billions of competitive markets littered around the world, there are approximately 110,000 e- commerce websites in the world wide web generating reasonable revenue while on course, however marketing and its statistics revolve around just one priceless mandate: your customer.

“Customers are always right,” is the mainstream mantra for retailers and entrepreneurs, so the world is dominated with about 7 billion people who “are always right”. A great deal of attention is required to meet customers ever changing demands, choices and  service delivery. However, the different techniques in dealing with customers' demands and how they are treated as the centerpiece of the market is a big bonus in the art of marketing your brand.

Several ideas on how to provide great customer services has been explored, practiced and proven to be effective, so we’ve come up with some interesting ways to improve your customer service:.


Responding to customers' needs and also trying to pay a great deal of attention to how best to provide services individually to them is hard, but losing your customers’ trust and loyalty to your brand is harder and everything goes downhill from there.

Customers like to be treated like the humans that they are and responding to complaints and suggestions with automated responses is boring and will most likely further frustrate your customers because in most cases, canned and automated responses hardly solve some bugging issues. So we are left with a myriad of complaints and it doesn’t sound good for your brand.

Video responses have proven really effective if it’s an online retail business or even a bigger brand. Nothing feels better than the relativity in reaching out to your customers through video responses.


Meeting up to your customers' expectations should be the main goal of any brand, and that’s why after meeting up with these expectations a lot of mobile apps and e-commerce websites use stars to rate their condition of service and how best customers are treated. By setting up a platform where your customers can publicly compliment you. It allows potential customers make faster decisions, improves market and also build on the existing trust and loyalty of some established customers.


Complaints about your brand are necessarily not about bringing your brand down, it’s about knowing where there are critical issues that need to be attended to. Having customers complain about your brand is an inevitable fact, because there are 7 billion people in the world that are “always right". But it becomes a bugging problem for you and your brands if complaints are left unattended to. Fixing problems is the core reason of setting up a customer service, receiving complaints while receiving compliments should be a pointer that there some unresolved issues


Life is easier when things are done quickly, customers do not like being kept waiting for too long after laying a complaint, the trust begins to depreciate. Be there whenever your customers think of you. Set up a platform where customers are attended to right on time.


There are two times in a year when customers celebrate certain things: birthdays and holidays. Collecting your customers’ data, sending birthday cards on their birthdays and holiday greetings during holidays makes them feel at home with your brand. It makes them feel you and your brand know every customer by heart and that is a basic level of building trust and loyalty.

Knowing what your customers want and how they want it should be the goal. Having a customer care service to tackle these problems is moving one step forward in growth. And engaging ways to provide a great customer service to your customers is one step away from achieving the ultimate goal.

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