Principles Of Customer Satisfaction

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Who is a satisfied customer? What mental image do you develop in your head, when you think of a satisfied customer? Probably it's the large smile on someone after they have purchased a product which is exactly the choice they desired. Or probably it's the childlike enthusiasm someone shows when they find out the product they purchased is working out perfectly. Whatever mental image of customer satisfaction you have, customer satisfaction is basically the feeling a consumer experience after a product or service has met their expectations. Good customer service will always produce customer satisfaction which leads to a consumer relationship with your brand, while also building customer loyalty. There are principles you need to apply in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

Principle 1:

Be Genuine

When having an interaction with your customer, genuinely listen to their needs to fully understand the situation. Acknowledge what it's being said and be concerned about helping them work through it. Don't respond in a scripted half-hearted manner. Take your time to listen, then think of an appropriate response which would be helpful for them. If you have a suggestion about their needs in a situation, be yourself and speak your mind. Be genuinely interested in working together with them to create a connection and a sense of mutual respect to coming up with a positive approach to the situation.

Principle 2:

Go The Extra Mile

When trying to develop customer satisfaction, don't be afraid of going the extra mile to leave your customer gasping with excitement and going Wow. You can go beyond what your customers would expect from your brand or company. If you notice your regular customer is going through a career change or is finally launching their side hustle business, you can send them an email congratulating them. This goes a huge way to show you actually care about your customers and not just about the money you’re getting.

Principle 3:


Customers today want instant service, they want their needs to be attended to promptly. If they have any concerns about your product or brand, endeavor to deliver results to them instantly. When a customer orders for a product, ensure that they get delivered their products at the right time and place. This shows you are very particular about putting your customer satisfaction at the frontline of your brand. Always deliver timely to your consumers.

Principle 4:

Feed Perception

If you own your customers, you own their perception. When marketing, your consumers should always have a positive perception of your brand. You can have the best product quality or service but the perception your customers have about your brand is the reality. If your customers have a bad customer service experience, their perception would be bad too. However, if they have a good customer service experience, their perception about your brand would be good too. So what kind of perception do you want to feed your customers? Your customer is always in control of what they think about your company. 

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