How Using Chat Support Can Shape Your Customer Experience

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With customers having access to product availability and a variety of options to choose from, building a great customer service experience for your customers set your brand apart from the competition. Brands who utilize customer experience strategies tend to have an increase in revenue, less customer complains and a higher level of customer satisfaction. Creating a customer experience entails having a consistent and personalized interaction between the customer and your brand. Live chat offers a unique way to communicate with your customer, to build a memorable experience with every interaction and ensure a long-lasting relationship.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is an online communication tool that you can add to your business website and which allows visitors to your website to engage with your company, if they have questions to ask, details to inquire about, need help with navigation or want to find out some invaluable information.

Brands or companies can easily and more effectively answer customer's questions on the spot and in real time with live chat. This gives you an edge and ensures that your customers get an instant satisfaction, they are able to receive a prompt response much faster than the regular communication channels like emails where a response can take up to hours or even days.

How Can Brands  Leverage On Live Chat Support To Shape Their Customer Experience?

Millennials today actually prefer live chat over phone interactions, with more than 56% of people between 18 and 34 preferring live chat. Also, 44% of consumers prefer a live person’s assistance while shopping online. Every brand can leverage on live chat support to shape their customer experience through any of these ways:

Offers A Faster Service Delivery In Real Time

No customer loves delays, we walk into a store and we want to be offered a swift and prompt service delivery interwoven with great customer service. When a customer is looking for support on your website, they demand instant answers. Most customers prefer using the live chat because their questions are answered immediately in real time. Getting slow responses is one of the reasons most customers leave your website. With live chat, you are able to respond to customer's questions, requests or compliant in seconds and in turn create a lasting impression and experience for them.

Personalized Services Equates To A  Personalized Experience

Brands that prioritize on chat conversations are able to reply instantly to customers and create a feel-good feeling. Before you start up a chat with a customer and you ask them to add their contact details, it helps to personalize the service you are providing. You can integrate your live chat with CRM and store all the information about your customers there. Small details like your customer’s first name, where they are from, the previous issues they had with your service or their chat history helps to create the perfect customer experience. It feels good to know that they matter and they are recognized for more than just patronizing your brand.

Increased Customer Engagement

Allowing your potential customer the ability to chat one on one with your chat representation can lead to a relationship between the customer and your brand. This humanizes your brand as approachable and helpful while building customer loyalty. The ease of accessibility, speed, convenience, and simplicity that comes with the live chat gives a high level of satisfaction and comfort to the customer. Live chat provides brands with the ability to serve customers quickly, efficiently with a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression and create a customer experience. Live chat support encourages more customer engagement as opposed to a phone call where you would be placed on hold for hours. Also, a feature like proactive chat, allows the chat agents to proactively invite customers to communicate and which increases customer engagement and builds more relationships with prospective clients.

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