The Importance Of Customer Surveys In Measuring Customer Satisfaction

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Sometimes I think banks and mobile providers should invest more in customer satisfaction than any another service provider. Customer satisfaction is key, you have to make your customers feel they are important before they can even decide that your services or products are important. Studies show that its 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one. Banks and mobile providers know this, and they have to build customer loyalty and ensure customer satisfaction to encourage continued patronage.

Consumers love to be given a chance to voice out how they feel about your products, services, how they perceive your brand based on the bad or good customer service they have experienced. The most effective method of learning about your brand's client base and measuring consumer satisfaction is through customer surveys. These mini quizzes between the consumer and the brand allow for an open communication with the consumer and is a tool for determining consumer behavior and feelings.

  • Loyalty

Your brand can only thrive when you have customers who are loyal to your brand or products. Loyal customers are on an average worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. As soon as your brand has decided to ensure that your customers enjoy maximum satisfaction and establish a long-term relationship with them, you need to know where your brand is going wrong. You can determine if you are delivering value to your consumers, how loyal your consumers are to your brand and how you can set your brand up for happy customer relationships, through the use of customer surveys. Asking a simple question like, How likely is it that you would recommend [insert your company] to a friend?will help you figure out your customer's opinion and help build a picture of how loyal your consumers are to your brand.

  • Product Improvement

The main purpose of a survey is to help measure your consumer's satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your products and services. A consumer satisfaction survey allows you to understand how well your brand or products are performing in the marketplace. How about sending an online questionnaire to your customers, just after they have purchased your product and finding out their experience so far while using the product. This feedback can be used to pinpoint the major flaws in your product and help your brand to work on improving its product for better consumer experience and satisfaction.

  • Personal Consumer Experience

Every customer wants to feel they are important to your brand, besides being the buyers of your products or services. A constant communication between your brand and the consumers will build a personal relationship and remind your customers that they are important, you are always there for them, and you are listening. These surveys make the consumers feel that their opinions and feelings about your brand are valuable. Sharing surveys with your customers enables you to find out their experience while dealing with your brand, their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with your products or services. This flow of feedback between the brand and the consumers leads to an improvement in your brand's relationship with them, ensures consumer loyalty and truly treats the consumer as king.

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