What A Consumer Rights/Protection Lawyer Can Do For You

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Technology fails us every day, our service providers fail us on a daily, the customer service prevalent in Nigeria is at an all-time low. Most Nigerian brands and businesses do not understand or recognize that the consumer is still King. Consumers are being treated unfairly and have been the victims of an act that violated their consumer rights.

Consumer law encompasses all of the regulations and statutes which aims to develop a more equitable balance for buyers in the marketplace and prevent sellers from using dishonest tactics to perform business transactions. These laws involve prohibiting false advertising, product fraud and imposing product safety measures to regulating debt collection practices and protecting consumers’ identifying information. However, consumers are often in situations where they would need legal help after falling victim to an online scam, purchasing a car or other product without being told of hidden defects, or losing money in financial schemes, such as identity theft or unauthorized credit card charges.

In any of the above scenarios, only a consumer rights/protection lawyer can help the affected consumer to fight against these illegal and bad business practices. unfortunately, most Nigerians do not know

  • They have consumer protection rights?

  • What these consumer protection rights are?

  • That they could actually fight for their rights and seek a redress with a consumer protection lawyer?

  • What a consumer rights/protection lawyer can do for them?

A friend of mine got sold a clone of Samsung smartphone at a mobile phone outlet, when she found out and went back to complain and get an original version of a product she paid exorbitantly for, she was fed with the famous cliche words, “no refund of money or product after sales”. Clearly, this was product fraud, but she had no knowledge of her consumer rights or why she should hire a consumer protection lawyer to help her seek redress and protect her rights.
Consumer protection lawyers deal with a wide range of consumer protection areas, including consumer fraud, product liability, false advertising, and other business "scams".

You need a consumer protection lawyer If someone makes use of your credit card without your knowledge or consent, this is credit card fraud. Or you are being sold a product by misrepresenting its value, this is investment fraud. A consumer lawyer will help you advocate for your customer rights in civil lawsuits or disputes to ascertain that businesses are operating in accordance with regulations.

A consumer protection lawyer also protects the consumer from false or misleading advertising.  In cases where automobile dealers advertise a vehicle at a reduced price so as to attract buyers to the dealership. And as soon as they get the buyers they want, that vehicle advertised for sale or its sales price is no longer being made available to the consumer.  The dealer goes on to pressure the consumers into buying a vehicle on less favorable terms. In addition to these “bait and switch” advertising tactics, a consumer protection lawyer will help the consumer address cases like warranty misrepresentation, defective products, forced arbitration clauses, identity theft, and other types of harassment and business fraud.

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