Why Consumer Protection Is Important To The Consumer

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Consumer protection is directly linked to the protection of consumer rights through various consumer protection organizations and agencies, which provides the consumer with the knowledge to make better choices in the marketplace and with the necessary help you need to handle  customer complaints. Consumer protection is a conglomerate of laws and organisations focused on  the guaranteeing of consumer rights and also fair trade, competition, and accurate information in the marketplace. These consumer laws are made to protect consumers from businesses which may be involved in fraud or specified unfair trade practices in order to gain an advantage over their competitors. Consumer protection is important to the consumer in a number of ways:

  • It Educates The Consumer

With consumer protection, consumers are adequately informed and educated about their rights and responsibilities, and helps to protect their rights and interest. Workshops and seminars are organized, so consumers become more aware of their rights and the right information and procedures they need if they have to take any legal action against any company which infrigned on their rights.

  • Protects The Consumer Against Misleading Advertising

A lot of businesses and organisations tend to confuse the consumers or get them to buy or patronize their brand, through wrong or misleading advertising. Products are portrayed to the consumer to be what they are not. Consumer protection protects the consumer from getting exploited.

  • Provides The Consumer With Market Information

Most consumers have access to little or no information about the products they are purchasing in the marketplace. More often than not, they are ignorant about the quality, type, price and other marketing facilities. This makes some consumers buy without any prior knowledge of the products, and incur loses. Consumer protection provides consumers with the right information in the marketplace, in order to enable them make more informed choices.

  • Seeks Redressal Of Consumer Complaints

The most important goal of consumer protection is to ensure that consumer rights and interests are protected against exploitation, and also to seek redress when these rights are infringed on. When consumers experience bad customer services, obnoxious practices or the unscrupulous exploitation  by companies, firms, or individuals, consumer protection agencies address and present these complaints in appropriate consumer courts and ensure that consumers get the justice they desire.

  • Protects Against Exploitation Of The Consumer

Consumers are also exploited in a lot of different ways, through the  sale of unsafe products, adulteration and hoarding of goods, using wrong weights and measures, charging excessive prices, black marketing, unfair business practices and sale of inferior quality goods. Consumer protection aims to safeguard the consumer from exploitation. Through the implementation of various Consumer Protection Acts, businesses and companies are unable to exploit consumers and their interests are therefore protected.

  • Organizes Consumers

Consumers are scattered and unorganized around the world, which makes them more prone to exploitation and their interests not fully expressed. Consumer protection enables consumers to be organized in form of consumer organizations, which ascertains that consumer interests are duly represented, protected and not exploited. 

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