Why Customer Feedback Is Important To Your Brand

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Customer feedback is important, for any brand to grow, they have to listen to their customers in order to grow effectively. The first step to fully understand a customer’s perception of your brand is by asking them directly, and the best way to get “the voice of the customer” is through customer feedback. Call centers, being the focal point for customer interactions, holds a huge opportunity to gather customer feedback that can provide valuable insights to improve every aspect of your business.

Getting your customer's feedback about your product or service is important in managing customer satisfaction and loyalty, and learning how to improve on your customer experience, products and services. Big brands and businesses know the crucial effect, a customer feedback contributes to the growth of your brand. They are constantly listening to their clients, by analyzing the comments posted by their clients on social networks, and by gathering their experience directly from them through surveys and online reviews.

Customer feedback is important to your brand, as it offers you the most effective way to measure customer satisfaction. To determine if your product or service is below or above your customer expectations, you have to ascertain customer satisfaction. You can ascertain this through the use of tools like customer feedback surveys and online reviews. These can be done in person, via email, via the phone or even through a website or mobile app. Using rating-based questions when you are calculating customer satisfaction will help you track and monitor how happy (or unhappy) your customers are over time, while interacting with your brand.

An awesome and invaluable tool  for estimating Customer feedback is by gauging market trends. In his article, “The Importance of Customer Feedback” Rick Suttle explained that “Customer feedback is important in detecting certain technological trends among consumers.” He further outlined as an example a new competitor in the market with the latest and improved technology versus an old company with out-of-date technology. He explained that if customers indicate they would prefer and buy the company with new technology, the old company may think of considering switching to the new technology. In essence, the only way any business or brand could keep up steadily with the ever changing business environment, it is beneficial that brands get to know what trends are popular for customers. Also word of mouth advertising/feedback  is very successful, particularly in inbound marketing where the customer comes to you, not the other way around. Referrals are the most effective, free way of advertising.

Kellerfay conducted a study for the RewardStream, which revealed that personal recommendations are the top motivative factors to encourage your purchase decisions, but not just while finalizing the sale, but at every step of the purchase cycle. The author pointed out that, ‘Over 8-in-10 purchases influenced by a recommendation are influenced by people talking face-to-face.’ This shows that on average, only 2% of people actually turn to your company because of a recommendation, and will probably do so due to what they have read on social media.

This was true for ten different areas of trade, such as,  traveling, banking and apparel. While other factors that influence customer’s decision like advertising or price comparison websites, influence their decision only at one stage of decision making, recommendations were extremely important throughout the purchase process. However, if you want to get  customers through recommendations, make sure that your customer feedback is positive.

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