Why Customers Aren't Buying From Your Website

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We have evolved as a society and everything has gone digital. Most people are shopping for groceries to sneakers online and the online retail market is growing at a fast pace. When brand owners often put themselves out there towards providing solutions to customers problems through the products and services they create and offer to the consumers. However, it can get disheartening when customers load up their shopping carts and end up leaving your website without buying anything.

While 75% of shopping carts are being abandoned,  there’s a lot you can do to encourage shoppers to actually load up their shopping carts and buy something before leaving your website.

We’ll  be sharing why people add items to their carts and leave your website without  buying anything and also suggest some solutions for improving your shoppers’ experiences and getting more sales.

Your Website Is Not User-friendly

You could lose 27% of your shoppers if your website is complicated to use. If your website has forced registrations, excessive ads, or lengthy check out procedures, it can automatically turn your shoppers off. Also, there's a high possibility that 57% of your website visitors will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Simplify the shopping experience of your customers into an easy and enjoyable one.

No Free Shipping

Most people would abandon their shopping carts because shipping is not free or it's much too expensive. 9 out of 10 customers consider free shipping first when shopping online. If your shipping is free or competitive, you have to consider your delivery time frames too. Your shoppers will look for better delivery options if they feel that it will take several weeks before they can get their product(s), and they may also not re-order if the delivery process takes too long. Look at your competitors. If your shipping options are limited or expensive investigate lower cost options. If you find that delivery times are growing, look for accelerated delivery options.


With the inclusion of technology into our everyday lives, more shoppers are sceptical about putting their personal information on your website because of the fear that someone might actually steal their credit card details and go on a spending spree. Only 16 percent of people believe that online merchants are trustworthy when it comes to protecting their personal information, and more than half of consumers are concerned about identity theft. Using checkout options like PayPal which ensures that the customer doesn't have to share their card details at all helps to guarantee consumer security.

Customer Support

Anyone can walk into a store and approach the salesperson with a question about an item and get a response immediately. This feature is not too easily available to the online shopper and this could lead to them leaving your website in frustration if they aren't getting the answers they want. Millennials who are your customers expect convenient and easy shopping experience with an exceptional service from your brand. 83% of your online shoppers want help from your team while they are navigating through your website. Your customers will definitely abandon their carts because of a lack of customer support. You can solve this by providing customer support during the shopping experience, through live chat as this can lead to a 51% increase in your sales and reduce cart abandonment.

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