Why Online Customer Reviews Is Important To Your Brand

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It is important for any business or brand to have online customer reviews. 90% of the human population own a smartphone and are online and it is advantageous that every business should have an online reputation. In the past, a lot of businesses used to rely on word of mouth to get customers and increase sales, however, this has evolved and been replaced by social media and online review sites. Reading online reviews have become part of the customer’s buying experience, 56 percent of consumers decide to buy from a particular business if it has positive ratings/reviews in the Google Local Pack. Getting online reviews from happy customers has its many benefits – and fortunately, that list of benefits keeps growing.

Provide Better Services To The Consumer

Online reviews help a great deal in letting you know if you are doing a good or bad job of serving your customers, highlight what you are doing wrong and better ways of improving your services. When a consumer complains about your services online, it allows you to come up with a solution quickly and efficiently resolve any issues they have. The good part is that this helps you learn excellent customer service, build a positive experience for your customers and will be an opportunity for your brand to grow in the future.

More Customers Equals To More Sales

Almost 9 out of 10 consumers determine whether or not they can trust a business after reading 10 reviews. The happier your customers are after reading your reviews, the more customers you have which automatically generates more sales. People are more likely to purchase a product or service if it has been recommended by others already, which is why online reviews are important to any brand because it effectively increases sales by providing consumers with the right information they need to make a choice to purchase a particular product or service from your business.

Giving The Consumer A Voice

Consumers want to feel like they are still king and that their voice matters to your brand. By leaving online reviews, it allows your consumer to establish a relationship with your brand, and feel like they have a voice that they can use to provide feedback in a positive way. In a society like Nigeria where the customer experience is overlooked and customer service of most businesses is crappy, online review sites like Ceecare gives customers a voice to leave both positive and negative feedback about any brand or business which will help them better connect to your brand and build customer loyalty. The good news is that consumers who take the time to leave an online review for a business are far more likely to feel a certain loyalty to your business and keep coming back year after year.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

More than just generating sales for your business, online reviews improve your website rankings on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. They take account of how many times your business is mentioned in reviews and the more it's mentioned, the higher your business will appear in search engine results. The more your business pops up on the first page of any search engine, it puts your business out there and the more likely that a lot more people will patronize you. And that's an increased revenue for you! 😊😉

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