Why Your Customer Experience Needs Empathy

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We can’t override the essence of empathy especially in human relationships. Empathy is an important tool for building human connections; it also allows you to bond with your customers and foster an emotional connection with them. Empathy can be a bridge between the customer and the service provider, that way the consumer isn’t simply buying a product but also buying an experience, relationship or emotional connection. It is a fact that you are never the only one in your business niche, your customers can buy from any other person but they can never buy the relationship you are offering them from somewhere else.

Here’s when your customer experience infused with empathy plays an integral role. When things go wrong with your product or the customer, by simply being empathetic and understanding about the situation or their frustrations, you can build a stronger client-consumer relationship.  By working overtime to ensure that you help them to resolve the issue will build customer loyalty.

Your customers need to feel that they are genuinely being listened to and understood, whether they are reviewing a new product or having a complaint about your product or service. I recently got a product off Jumia, the product got delivered with a broken seal, I made a complaint about it in a review on the Jumia website. When the customer service representative called me and I made my complaint again, she didn’t try to be overly defensive about the situation or act unconcerned about my complaint. Rather she asked if the product looked like something which has been used by someone and then apologized for my experience and went on to give me a discount of 500 NGN for my inconvenience. She was empathetic and understanding in her response approach and actually expressed genuine concern for how my product was delivered to me.

Using lifeless, automated and robotic responses can kill the customer experience. Let your response always be genuine. Empathy is the art of understanding and acknowledging a customer’s feelings and needs before you try to find a solution that solves their need. However, empathy doesn’t mean that you agree with your customer’s perspective or feelings. It means that without fixing it, giving advice or making suggestions, that you demonstrate an understanding of the feelings they are expressing.

There would also be situations where the customer’s desired outcome to the problem and what you are trying to offer to them isn’t aligned. It is important that the customer feels like they have been listened to and understood well, which will make the customer feel good and more positive about the approach you or your company adopts in dealing with your customers. This automatically builds a positive brand image for you and your brand.

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