Exploitation And Illegal Power Disconnection Of An Entire Area

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Ibadan Distribution Electricity Company in Ogun

I give this company just one star because they have been taking advantage of the general public. They are wrong but yet are claiming to be right. They know most people in the populace do not know their rights and so they make good use of that ignorance well. I will explain. 

I live in the Elega area of Abeokuta and for over a month, this company has blatantly refused to supply us with electricity. Their reason, some random people came to their office at Imala in Elega and pelted them with stones and or water sachets. They now claim that the leaders of the communities in that area should come with letters assuring them they are safe to operate at their office and that they will not be attacked again. Now, let us analyse this matter:

•According to the rumours that got to me, the officials of this company went around distributing ridiculous bills of ₦6000, ₦10 000, ₦16 000 to people without prepaid meters. For crying out loud, we all know the epileptic nature of electrical power supply in Nigeria, is it not pure wickedness and extortion to give customers such crazy bills? We use the pre-paid meter at my house and we rarely finish using ₦2000 worth airtime of electricity supply in a month because of the way power distribution is in our country. Why then would they keep extorting customers? 

I am emphasising on the word "customers" because it is like these people forget we are customers and that the customer is always right. They actually think they are doing us a favour, whereas we are the ones favouring them. It is not their fault though, I blame monopoly. 

Obviously, it is some of the people they gave the stupid bills to that went to attack them. I am not justifying the attack, but let's look at this critically. They have been cheating these people for a long time and then it got to the peak, they revolted. It is just like pushing the meek sheep until it gets to the edge of the wall and there is nowhere to turn to, it will turn back and attack you. 

•Now, demanding that leaders of the communities in Elega area, over 40 communities, bring you signed letters assuring you you will never be attacked again is another ridiculous idea and quite unrealistic too. 

The people that pelted you are random people, no one knows them. As a matter of fact they came most likely from Imala and Elega market surroundings, but why are you blaming all of us for their "offence"? I quoted offence because these people were actually protesting your outrageous and unrighteous bills albeit done the wrong way. How do you think the letters the community heads will send to you will keep the angry mob from coming back and dealing with you? And why in the first instance do you cheat people and expect them not to react? 

So, if you want security, start giving folks bills based on what their meters read instead of manufacturing outrageous and ridiculous bills which you have been doing for ages. NEPA did it before it was privatised and now you also are at it. If you treat your customers (who are always right) right and are fair and just with the bills, no  one will think of attacking you. 

•Why would you decide to disconnect a whole area of over 40 communities for whatever reasons? I know you know you are wrong, but then, you know most people do not know their rights, including the community heads. 

•Some people inferred that you sent the crazy bills around because you want everyone to get the prepaid meter. If that inference is true, you are very wrong. There is no justification for you to do what you did. And in fact, it is not true. I understand you have been hoarding the pre-paid meters because you get more gain (rotten of course) from those who still use the old meter. 

•IBEDC, I demand that you restore electricity to the Elega area immediately. You know you are very wrong, so please do the right thing.

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Wow this is really unfair.

by Kehinde Alabi 1 year ago