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GTB in Lagos

I tried making a transfer to someone with the 737 service. All the attempts made failed till the last one. My account balance at the end of the day (after other transactions made) did not reflect any additional debits. However, I made a transaction the following morning and when I checked the alert, something was amiss. I noticed over N30,000 was missing from my account.

I immediately logged on to the internet banking platform to take a look at all transactions made only to notice that an additional N32,000 had been deducted (from the transaction I tried doing with the 737 service the day before. I called GTB to complain and no one picked for over 30 minutes.

I eventually lodged a complaint online and a lady called to apologise because I explained that I never got any alerts for those 2 additional transactions and it also didn't reflect in my account. She acknowledged it was a problem from their end since I got alerts for other transactions made later that day and the next. I was told that they will reach out to the beneficiary's bank to request for a recall of funds and that it will take 24 hours.

This complaint was lodged since the 1st of March. It's been almost a week and no one is calling me to tell me the status of the issue. I had to sort it out on my own (thankfully, the lady involved is honest and she acknowledged that she got extra cash which she transferred to me immediately).

GTB's customer service is poor. I am not making this conclusion from this one experience but rather from numerous experiences in banking halls in different branches and online. What is working for the bank is its established name- kudos to branding.


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