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MTN in Lagos

I ran of out data . I credited my phone with amount to buy data .But on subscribing for data,I was debited  on my balance but  was not given data .I called MTN customer care , all they said was that it will take 24hr - 48hrs  for me to get the data.There was no consideration of that I need data urgently. I asked the agent that are they expecting me to borrow data when I have 1.5G hanging with them growing i will pay 10% for the data borrowed. He had no answer. 

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That's very unfair ooo...

by Kehinde Alabi 2 years ago

That is not good customer service at all.

by Joy Ozo 2 years ago

Too bad I must say, their services these days is something else o, you buy data that should last you a month and without going out of your usual browsing sites and your disappears after two weeks! I really think there should be a way to check oue telecoms service providers.

by Temilade Adesida 2 years ago

Well, we all know MTN's customer care is crappy. Something similar happened to me few years ago. I bought data and was never able to use it. I even told the customer service operative that I was never going to use the data services again and he had nothing to say. Let's not even talk about the fact that even if you successfully subscribe, you cannot enjoy good service in some areas...

by Super Laide 2 years ago

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