Swiss Golden: 21st Century Scam Organization

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Swiss Golden in Rivers

Swiss Golden has its headquarters in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Swiss Golden is a scam company. The company uses trickery and schemes to get money from unsuspecting members of the public to invest into pyramid schemes. I was deceived into this and my money has been seized by this group of thieves. 

It is unfortunate that the Federal Government allows such organizations to operate in Nigeria to swindle the populace. I wish to call on the owners of this platform to let the word out. Swiss Golden is a group of thieves and swindlers using trickery to steal from the Nigerian populace.

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Really? With all the noise that the regulator makes about not investing in pyramid and Ponzi schemes? It is not just the responsibility of the regulators, cause I think they are doing a great job. It is also the responsibility of each individual to listen to what the regulators are saying about making wise investment decisions. See the issue of MMM, with all the regulators warnings, Nigerians still went ahead to put money in it, they were even saying that the government does not want them to get rich. I think its time that Nigerians stop blaming the government for their irresponsibilities and start doing what is right.

by Super Laide 2 years ago