Beware of blessing Andy

1 year ago by Mercy Balogun Edo

i was in need of an urgent loan so I couldn't up with banks Hugh collateral and most micro finance collaterals. So I decided to meet private loan firm I met on Instagram a loan firm handle @open_loan Nigeria (which she has deleted) met with a lady who acted has a representative to the company told me to pay for insurance and transfer fee which are #21,500 and #15,500 respectively and she blocked me. Based on my research I found out she was a scammer I got hold of her private account page on Instagram which is Miz_emem I checked for her on Facebook with her name blessing Andy and I found out she changed her name to love efe if you check the pictures on miz_emem(Instagram) you will find out its the same pictures on Facebook with (blessing andy) she is a scammer posing around as a private loan firm she is heartless. She is married to Sylvester odije. Her account details blessing Andy uba 2016507007

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